These 3 zodiac signs prefer non-monogamy, according to an astrologer

When it comes to relationship compatibility and the types of relationships you might seek out, astrology can tell you a lot. For example, knowing your sun sign can give you insight into which other zodiac signs could be a potential romantic match or one-night fling. This info can also help you uncover the type of person you are in relationships. If you’re a serial monogamist, say, it might be because you’re a Taurus and you value that stability. But if non-monogamy has always been your thing and you prefer relationships that are less traditional, your zodiac sign may explain why.

According to astrologer Lisa Stardust, there are three zodiac signs that may feel stifled in long-term monogamous relationships: Aries, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. It may be that these signs like to have one main partner, but explore sexual relationships outside that partner, too. Or, they may want to have multiple partners at a time and not have one defined relationship at all. If you’ve found that non-monogamy often suits you best, you may be one of the three signs below.


Aries are fully capable of holding down long-term relationships if that’s what they want, but often their passionate nature leads them in a lot of different directions. “With their fiery energy and gusto for life, Aries is always looking for the next best thing which could quite literally be a relationship,” Stardust tells HelloGiggles. “After all, they are always looking forward—never staying put or looking back.”

This could mean that an Aries may want to explore the physical nature of a relationship for a time, but will eventually let it fizzle. Although they’re all in for the moment, an Aries will often cool down quickly and crave something new and exciting. If you’re an Aries looking for a fling, there’s nothing wrong with that—just make sure your partner is on the same page and understands your intentions from the get-go.


There’s a reason that Sagittarius are known as the adventurers of the zodiac—they don’t stay put in one place too long, and often go looking for a new place or person to experience more of the world. “They don’t vibe with commitments that make them feel trapped,” Stardust says. “An open relationship will give them the opportunity to explore other conquests—the adventure can lead them home to their main squeeze.”

For a Sag, one main partner at their home base who is understanding of non-monogamy and may also want to participate in it makes them feel most comfortable. This way they don’t feel rooted to one single person or place, and have the freedom to move as they wish.


Aquarius is a free thinker and will often not follow traditional conventions in any aspect of life, sex and romance included. “Aquarius can commit but they like to suss out the situation first,” Stardust says. “Mostly, they like to keep matters light and have options in order for their intellectual minds to be challenged.”

For an Aquarius, sex with different partners can be a mind-opening experience. They are usually guided by rational thought over emotion, so they are not likely to get jealous when they are in open relationships. As a result, Aquarius can see the merits of non-monogamy and may opt for it to stimulate their intellectual curiosity.

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