Some couples just have the awwwwww factor and today we’re adding Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder to the list!

Reed posted some words of love to Instagram on Sumerhalder’s birthday that actually gave us big-time feelings. “You are my every dream brought to life. With our hands pressed together I know that we will always find our way home,” Reed wrote as the caption under a photo of a tree stump with the words I love you written on them.

“You are a gift to this world, a teacher of light and a student of love,” Reed continued. “You radiate warmth in vibrant reds and deep orange hues. I often wonder what it would be like to see autumn arrive through your eyes. Here is to the next 65 years together, holding hands, strolling through the woods, still learning, still listening. Happy happy birthday…I love you.”

That’s the kind of writing that makes a love almost palpable and we’re totally blown away by it. All the best to these two kids and their undying love. Hope all of his birthdays are this great!

(Image via Shutterstock)