Olivia Harvey
August 16, 2017 8:06 am

The website Pornhub isn’t just an x-rated source for online pornography. The site also collects and publishes data about the kinds of porn that users are searching for. And they’ve found an interesting relationship between millennial men and boobs, and said relationship is raising some major questions.

The study shows that, firstly, millennial men aren’t searching for “boobs” or “breasts” as often as older men. The writeup declares,

Basically, our parent’s generation (gross to think about…sorry) is comparatively more interested in breasts appearing in their porn, showing an interesting change in porn trends from generation to generation.

When millennial men are searching for breast-heavy porn, though, they’re not concerned so much with “big” or “small” (which apparently older generations are). No, millennial men search for “fake boobs” a lot.

Millennial men are apparently 130% more likely to search for fake breasts when compared to female porn-watchers searching for breasts.


We’ve all read studies that show how porn can negatively affect real life sexual expectations and attitudes for both men and women. So needless to say, this whole millennial-dudes-seeking-out fake-breasts thing could potentially be extremely damaging for their real-life perceptions of women’s bodies.

Does this data mean that all millennial men are either not interested in breasts or ONLY interested in fake ones? Not at all. And furthermore, common knowledge also tells us that people often seek things out in pornography that they don’t actually desire IRL…so basically…it’s complicated.

The bottom line is: your porn habits are your own, but take note that most of it does not portray real life — or real sex for that matter!