Kit Steinkellner
Updated December 09, 2014 9:05 am

It’s a super weird and super magical time in a relationship, when things go from “We’re dating and it’s fun and we make out all the time and whatever” to “‘The L-word is about to pop out of my mouth all the time and I’m starting to plan what our bedtime routine is going to be with our kids ten years down the line.” So how can you tell when a new relationship is starting to take a turn for the serious? There are a few signs, for sure. And not all of them are so obvious.

You Know Their Schedule

When your new partner tells you they do Krav Maga every Tuesday and Thursday and see their parents for brunch on Sundays, that’s a big tip-off that they want you to know what their schedule is like on the regular because they plan on keeping you around, you know, indefinitely.

Your Friends Add Your Them On Facebook (And Visa Versa)

Friends adding the boyfriend or the girlfriend on Facebook is big, again it’s an assumption that you’re going to be there for the long haul. So when you get like, four friend requests from your beloved’s buds one day, yes, that does mean this thing has officially gotten next level real.

You Go On A Trip Together

You know why Bridget Jones was so excited when she found out Daniel Cleaver was taking her on a trip? Because it’s kind of a super huge deal. Whether you’re going somewhere for a weekend or a few weeks, a trip is an investment, and if someone wants to take a trip with you, that means they want to spend a whole lot of quality time with you.

You Get A Nickname

You don’t give a nickname to someone you’re going to hit and quit, let me put it that way. And when you start getting MULTIPLE nicknames? I mean, you are down for the count.

You Have Too Many Inside Jokes

Related to nicknames, if you start to have enough jokes to do a “You and Your Significant Other Comedy Hour,” it means you’ve spent a LOT of time together, had a LOT of experiences together, started noticing a LOT of funny things together, and have started building a LOT of a life together.

You Hear The Dark, Ugly Stuff From The Past

Let me put it this way, you don’t find out that someone’s family is just like the family from “August: Osage County” or that someone’s high school years were basically just the movie “Carrie” on the first date. We’re on our best behavior in the beginning, and it’s only when we get comfortable and think someone is going to be around for a while to come that we share the sad and scary stuff.

You Haven’t Just Met The Family, You Hang Out With Them

You have your own relationship with his or her parents and siblings. Believe me, they’re not going to invest time in you unless they think you’re going to be around for a long while to come.

You Talk Hypothetically About Marriage/Kids/Owning Property Together

It’s just HYPOTHETICAL. You always couch the discussions with “What if. . .” and “Someday maybe. . .” but still, the discussions, they are had.

If you recognized at least half of the things on the above list, strap yourself in because you’re probably on a train to serious-ville. But if you’re still a ways away from hunkering down with someone you really, really like, relax and just enjoy what you’ve got going on now. It’s all good.