Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day for romance! Of course, we should express our love all year round, but October 28th is the day you should really shout it from the rooftops and celebrate all kinds of love — from romantic to familial to our unabashed adoration for Netflix. Why? Because it’s National I Love You Day! Time to use ALL the heart-eyed emojis.

We at HelloGiggles heart all things love, so in honor of this beautiful holiday, here are just a few of our fave love scenes from movies and television.

Love Actually – Mark and Juliet

OK, let’s be real, every single scene from this movie is worthy of getting a shout out, but the one that gets us in the feels every single time is when Mark finally gets over his emotional timidity and actually expresses his complicated love for Juliet without hurting his best friend.

*sobs loud human tears*

Friends – Monica and Chandler

We spent that entire episode thinking that Monica and Chandler might break up over a crazy misunderstanding, and even though we like Richard and all, it’s Monica and Chandler, guys. But then Monica surprises him with a room full of candles and proposes to him — girl power plus the cutest love scene ever.

Glee – Santana and Brittany

That heartbreakingly beautiful speech Santana gives Brittany when she finally says she loves her:

Just gonna keep on crying over here.

New Girl – Nick and Jess

The scene when Nick finally kisses Jess? SO MUCH PASSION OH MY GOD. Those two have so much chemistry it hurts a little bit.


Sherlock – John and Sherlock

OK, so we’re celebrating all kinds of love here, both friend love and romantic. So that means I can’t possibly miss the best man speech in BBC’s Sherlock that makes us all cry. They love each other SO MUCH.

Parks and Recreation – Leslie and Ben

Literally every single Ben and Leslie moment, but especially when they get married and we all cried forever. It made me want to say “I like you and I love you” at every opportunity.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 – Ron and Hermione

I will always be much more into the books than the films, but the way the films did Ron and Hermione’s first kiss, right after they destroyed the Horcrux? Perfect. So many people legitimately SQUEALED in theaters because obviously, these two were meant to be since book one. We all knew it was gonna happen, but to see it on-screen was oh-so-sweet.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Willow and Tara

Need I say more? Willow and Tara forever. <3 Happy I Love You Day!

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