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Updated Sep 12, 2016 @ 10:29 pm
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When we see sex in film and on TV, it’s usually happening at night. And night sex is bomb, don’t get us wrong. But it gets enough attention. What we don’t talk enough about is morning sex. Probably because we don’t DO it enough. But we should. Because it’s great. And here are all the reasons.

1. Because alarm clocks wake you up like this.

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2. And sex in the morning wakes you up like this.

Credit: Disney

3. The post-morning sex shower is about as fun as showers get.

Credit: Screen Gems/Giphy

You’ve got a pocket full of sunshine…And, something else, but do we have to keep going with this joke?

4. You have a spring in your step all day long because YOU HAD SEX.

Credit: NBC

Your entire Tuesday is the Lonely Island “I Just Had Sex” song on repeat. Yes, including the cake.

5. People ask you all day long if you got a haircut or you switched up your makeup because there’s just something “different” about you

Credit: 20th Century Fox

And you tell them nope, everything’s same old, and then you smile like Mona Lisa while you think to yourself “Morning sex is the most dope cosmetic, what am I doing spending so much $$$ on bronzer?”

6. You get scandalous/awesome texts from your S.O. all day long

Credit: Republic


7. When you finally blab about your morning sexytimes to your friends everyone treats you like a magical love witch and begs you to tell them the secrets of the universe

Credit: Paramount Pictures/Tumblr

“So you just set your alarm clock for 30 to 40 minutes earlier than you normally wake up…”

8. When you have morning sex, 12 hours later you guys are probably going to be down for night sex..

Credit: Disney

Sex twice in one day, you deserve an Olympic gold medal for sex, you tireless athlete, you.

9. And even if you come home from your morning sex day, like, the TIREDEST…

Credit: Toei Animation

(You are operating on 20 to 40 fewer minutes of sleep, after all…)

10. You don’t need to feel bummed out about the fact that you’re too exhausted to have sex that night… BECAUSE YOU ALREADY HAD IT THAT MORNING!

Credit: 20th Century Fox/Tumblr