Have you ever played a game of Monopoly where everybody wins? No? Well, read on friends, because this is one of the most adorable proposal ideas of all time. Here’s what happened.

When Redditor Justin Lebon decided to propose to his girlfriend Michal Ott, he came up with an incredibly clever idea that has us swooning, swooning, and then swooning some more.

To prepare for this momentous occasion, Justin had friend Mark Becker carve a one-of-a-kind Monopoly board out of an ice box from the early 1900s. He then made the property cards himself on Microsoft Excel. The best part? Every place on the board game was important to the couple. There’s, which is where they met. The First Street Ale House: the location of their successful first date. He even included their favorite California vacation spot: Lake Arlington.

Since Monopoly is Michal’s favorite board game, it’s safe to say that Justin went all out. He even had the dice custom-made, since he knew that Michal needed to roll a seven to land on Chance. Once this happened and the Chance card was revealed, it read, “Will you marry me? If ‘yes’, advance to Luxury Tax.”

It turns out that Michal did indeed say yes, so she advanced to Luxury Tax. Once there, Justin opened a SECRET TRAP DOOR that was underneath this square and produced a diamond ring. Let’s recap: Michal got a diamond ring AND a secret trap door. Honestly, this is now the proposal of our dreams and we won’t take anything less than a secret trap door.

“It took a lot of planning, but I enjoyed every second of it,” Justin explains. “I’ll never forget that day.” (Neither will we, Justin. Neither will we.)

(Images via Twitter)