Miranda Kerr says she and fiancé Evan Spiegel are abstaining from sex until they are married

It’s rare to hear about celeb couples that practice abstinence, but Miranda Kerr told a reporter recently that she and her fiancé, Snapchat founder and self-made billionaire Evan Spiegel, are waiting for marriage before they have sex. Miranda, who has a child with her first husband, Orlando Bloom, said in the interview that Evan is very “traditional.” Whatever makes them happy! They aren’t the only celebrities lately to make such an announcement. Ciara and her husband Russell Wilson decided to hold off as well.

The way this topic came up is a bit bizarre and confusing, so we’ll share a larger chunk of the article for context. Here is why Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel are waiting for marriage.

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Sometime after discussing Miranda’s capsule collection for the denim brand, Mother, this exchange happened in the London Times article:

We talk about the joy of children again and as she describes her day with Flynn, she gets a little teary, before turning on me. “Are you going to have another baby?”

Oh hopefully some day, I say, but not while we’re living in California.

“So what are you using for protection? Are you pulling out or what?”

That’s a very personal question Miranda! She creases up. “I’m interested!”

Erm, we use birth control? “I don’t!” she yelps and begins to laugh.

So are you going to have another baby? “Not yet. Not until after we get married. My partner is very traditional.”


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She then adds, “We can’t . . . I mean we’re just . . . waiting.”

We admit we’re pretty shocked Miranda divulged this information, especially unprompted! (Tbh, it’s VERY weird that the interviewer asked what birth control she uses). But we’re glad she’s comfortable enough in her relationship to talk about it!

At any rate, Kerr seems to be madly in love with Spiegel. She spends the entire interview gushing over him and his accomplishments with Snapchat. “He’s very mysterious,” she says. “And he’s very in the moment. And that’s exactly what his brand represents. I couldn’t be more proud of Evan and what he’s achieved. He’s put his heart and soul into something he really believes in.”


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We’re glad that they are so happy! We hope they have a wonderfully healthy marriage. Evan and Miranda got engaged during July of last year and are planning to get married sometime this year.

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