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It’s the age old problem: food or sex?

According to a recent study, a lot of people are divided on just that topic. It’s no wonder — sex feels great, and food tastes great. Both can make you feel satisfied. So which is better?

The answer, obviously, depends on who you ask.The study states that 54% of millennials find that eating can as pleasurable as having sex. When it came time to pick between a fancy meal at a restaurant and having sex, things got a little more tricky.

35% of millennials stated that, between the two, they’d choose the dinner over sex. That means that over half of those who agreed that sex and food are equal in pleasure, when given the choice, preferred a nice meal.

Break it down by sex and you’ll see that 42% of females of all ages surveyed would prefer food to sex — compare that to only 26% of males. With 31% of women staying neutral when it came to picking sides, less than a quarter of the women surveyed actively preferred sex.

The survey hypothesizes that part of that reasoning is because food “offers endless opportunities
for experimentation and new experiences,” whereas most people, presumably, don’t spice up their sex lives as often as they’ll spice up their diet.

Trying new things out at dinner is definitely exciting, but trying new things at home can be exciting, too. (Although, okay, there might be such a thing as too adventurous.)

So what’s the better choice, food or sex? We’ll just be over here struggling to make up our minds.