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Over the past few weeks, while promoting her movie Bad Moms, we’ve quickly learned one thing about Mila Kunis: She isn’t afraid to get REAL. Yet – though she’s openly discussed the night she took things to the *~next level~* with her husband Ashton Kutcher – Mila draws the line at getting candid about her on-screen sex scenes.

While being interviewed on Conan, Mila was asked if she tells Ashton about her love scenes and she responded with a firm NO.

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While sex scenes don’t deeply bother Mila or Ashton, the actress explained that it’s not exactly something they want to see each other doing. “I don’t necessarily want to see it live, take after take after take – and neither does he,” asserted Kunis. “So if it’s one of those days where you have to have a love scene, I just ask him politely to stay home and he’s like, ‘TOTALLY.’

Overall, Mila wanted to make the point that sex scenes aren’t exactly the most natural thing out there.

“There’s not even a question about it,” stated Mila. “You don’t want to see your partner gettin’ it on with someone else for 12 hours. It’s weird, you guys. It’s totally weird. I won’t lie.”

Yup – that sounds super awkward. With this in mind, we definitely don’t blame Mila or Ashton for keeping their sex scenes as private as can be.