Ashley Nada
Updated Sep 19, 2017 @ 11:46 am
LGBT mermaids
Credit: Ashley Nada

Today is National LGBT Center Awareness Day (although mermaids think it should be every day!).

As I was painting this piece to commemorate this day of awareness, I noticed something interesting: Normally, when I’m creating my mermaids in a public space, the people around me don’t stare and instead go about their business. Today, they stared.

This only emphasizes the importance of normalizing conversations surrounding LGBTQ rights.

Credit: Ashley Nada

More than 40% of today’s homeless in the U.S. are part of the LGTBQ community. That’s why days like today are so important — so people can raise awareness and learn how they can help.

National LGBT Center Awareness Day also shines a light on all the different centers where the LGBTQ community can find resources. To learn more about how you can celebrate the amazing work they do, click here.

Mermaids believe in love, and we should, too.

Hope you swim by next week!