Anna Gragert
August 26, 2015 1:53 pm

17-year-old Baylen Darden has written a Facebook post that can easily compete with any Nicholas Sparks book. In other words: he’s giving us all major heart eyes.

Over the weekend, Baylen returned home to find his girlfriend Leah hanging out in the kitchen and snacking on some marshmallows. And he just couldn’t contain how much love he felt for this person, his person. Yes, this simple moment (and aren’t those the most beautiful and poignant?) made him feel all the feels. To prove it, he wrote a 343-word post that will make your heart swell with emotion.

Essentially, the 17-year-old perfectly captures the definition of love in a single Facebook post. Bayden starts the post by writing, “I know you’re thinking ‘what is he doing posting a picture of his girlfriend in a towel’ well, I’ll tell you why. Have you ever been in a moment before and thought to yourself ‘yeah this is a moment I want to happen again”.” And immediately our hearts and souls are hooked.

He continues, “Because I know at the end of the day all that stress and worry will go away because I have her.” SO SWEET. Baylen goes on to describe his ideal life, which includes kids who have Leah’s hair, making her coffee before she leaves in the morning, and conquering life’s obstacles together. It’s no wonder why this post instantly went viral —especially since it’s making us feel nothing but happiness. And yes, we know these two are young —but such genuine tenderness is so refreshing and wonderful to see.

So far, the Facebook post has amassed over 325,000 likes and over 184,000 shares since it was posted on August 23rd. While Baylen has come across a few hateful, transphobic messages, the overall response has been incredibly positive. The commenters are (for the most part) head-over-heels about Baylen’s sentiments, some even sharing the post with their significant others and friends. Here are just a couple that are making us melt a little bit:

To follow up the post, Baylen, who has a substantial following on Facebook (12,000 followers!) posted this sweet photo of them with the familiar caption, “Because I know at the end of the day all that stress and worry will go away because I have her.” SO. MANY. AWWWWs.

Now, we don’t know about you, but we’d love to see more of this on our timelines. It’s always a good time to tell others just how much you love them, whether it’s online or in person, a friend or romantic partner! And if you need inspiration? Look no further than Baylen’s beautiful words.

[Images via Facebook]


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