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Most proposals are surprise events. A ring in your glass of champagne here, a full-on choreographed flash-mob there. But what if your significant other wrote a book called Bobster the Lobster?

That’s what Joe Graceffa did to surprise his pre-school teacher girlfriend, Elsa Cremer. OK so in fairness it was a children’s book that he personalized in order to pop the question, including making a point to send Bobster the Lobster on adventures to places Elsa and Joe had been together. Already adorable.

“. . . As I was prepping my classroom for the day . . . I received a call from my boss wondering if I’d mind reading a story to the kids while they recorded me for ‘marketing purposes,'” Cremer wrote on YouTube. “They told me the book I’d be reading was written by a friend of theirs. What they didn’t tell me was that their ‘friend’ was my boyfriend . . . and that he had written and illustrated the book with a surprise ending just for me.”

Watch the adorable ending to see how it went over. We like a man so fully committed to the proposal that he shows up as a lobster! We also love that one of the adorable children in the classroom asked if they could get into the lobster costume. We’d like a follow-up video of that, please.

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