Scarlet Meyer
Updated Aug 08, 2016 @ 9:17 am
Credit: Lilly Pulitzer/Instagram

Fashion label Lilly Pulitzer is honoring one of its teenaged fans in an incredibly sweet and touching way – a beautiful custom print.

The design label is known for their tropical, colorful prints in fashion and home design. It has millions of fans around the world.

But when the designers at Lilly Pulitzer heard about the tragic accident that befell one of their biggest fans, they knew they had to get involved.

16-year-old Raven Little-White tragically drowned after falling off the back of a boat in Lake Waccamaw, NC earlier this week. She is remembered by her family and friends as a bright, positive young woman who was always laughing and cheering up the people around her. Little-White was also a fan of fashion, particularly when it came to Lilly Pulitzer. In response to messages from her loved ones the label created this beautiful print in honor of Raven. If you look carefully you can see the letters of her name are incorporated into the design.

The post reads, “Celebrating the bright life of Raven White. The Print Studio was so touched by all of the messages from her friends and family about her love for Lilly. #Lilly5x5

This is such a touching tribute to the life of a bright, exuberant young lady. Although we did not have the pleasure of knowing Raven the print speaks volumes about the life of a luminous, effervescent teen. While this print is not available to purchase, it’s an amazing tribute to the things she loved.