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Credit: 20th Century Fox Television

Actress and icon Lea Michele was *so* excited to be chosen as the cover model for Women’s Health UK’s yearly Naked Issue (like seriously, who wouldn’t be?!). At the same time, we imagine that the actress was also moved by the opportunity to share a small tribute to her late boyfriend, Cory Monteith.

Though she’s now known for her role on Scream Queens, we’ll always see Lea as Glee’s Rachel Berry and it seems that the actress is 100% aware of this. That’s why she also recognizes the major influence Cory Monteith had on the show while he played the Finn to Lea’s Rachel.


With this in mind, after Cory’s unfortunate passing, Lea decided to honor Cory with a small, delicate tattoo of the word “Finn.”

Placed on Lea’s hip, the tattoo is a truly beautiful tribute to her past love.

Michele also shared one of her favorite photos from the shoot on her Instagram, where she said, “One of my favs, straight from the lens.” The shot is totally gorgeous, just like Lea, and just like her ~beautiful~ soul. Seriously though, throughout the years, the actress has remained such a big-hearted celeb – and we give her so much credit for that.

As Lea Michele proves once again, tribute tattoos can be so incredibly powerful. From Lady Gaga’s MAJORLY epic David Bowie tribute tattoo to Paris Jackson’s newest in memory of her dad, tattoos remain an important way of keeping our loved ones – both lost and still with us – by our side at all times.

Lea Michele, we remain absolutely huge fans, and continue to send our love your way.