Dasha Fayvinova
January 08, 2017 8:54 am
Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

All things considered, Kate Hudson is currently killing it at life. While the star seems to boast eternal youth, Kate Hudson’s older son, Ryder, is now officially a teenager! Basically, now that she’s got a teen, Kate is super-focused on continuing to be an amazing and supportive mother.

Everyone can learn a thing or two from this lady. It comes as no surprise thought. Kate has always been hard working and super talented. Ever since her acting debut people expected great things from her. And great things she did.

But what we love Kate for most is her extreme dedication to her kids, as you can see in this wonderful birthday message to her son, Ryder.

In addition to the adorable throwback photo of her with Ryder at a much younger age, Kate’s words are super sweet:

What an amazingly supportive thing to say about your son! We also love the values that Kate calls out specifically about Ryder, including that he’s “Smart, funny, joyful, tolerant, perceptive, empathetic, loving…” He sounds like a wonderful kid!

Ryder is also the son of Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson, and although the couple split back in 2007, it’s clear that Kate and Chris have co-parented a wonderful son. Happy birthday to you, Ryder, and you are so lucky to have such an amazing and attentive mom!