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Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Just a few days ago, Justin Theroux posted a photo that initially had people thinking he was throwing mad shade at his wife Jennifer Aniston’s ex-husband – but apparently, that’s not the case at all. The Instagram photo in question features a message that says “Fuck Brad Pitt,” but Justin later denied any subliminal messaging.

It all started when Theroux shared an image of artist Nick Flatt’s work in Berlin, and seemed to have totally missed the phrase about Brad Pitt within the mural. To be fair, the background includes a lot of words — so it makes sense that he simply could have not read each and every one of the phrases before posting.

Theroux apparently edited his caption after reading the comments from his followers when he noticed that yes, he did just post a photo that says “Fuck Brad Pitt.”

Our favorite part is his hashtag reminder to people, in which he explains that he’s not shading anyone because he’s not 11 years old.

Since Theroux doesn’t seem like the type of guy to throw shade, we’re choosing to believe that this was a case of the whoopsies.

He’s clearly just a fan of Nick Flatt and graffiti. But you know what he most definitely is NOT a fan of? Pickles. #fuckpickles

Now that we know the truth, everyone can go about their days as if Theroux didn’t accidentally almost start a major war with Pitt.