What is your dream proposal scenario? Is it a little off-beat, a little more unique than being at a restaurant and having the ring dropped into your champagne or dessert? Perhaps it involves your fandom, be it Buffy or Dr. Who or Harry Potter? However adventurous you might be, this couple just one-upped all of us.

Actor EJ Cantu gave his girlfriend Katelyn Machnica a proposal she’d never forget, according to Mashable. Machnica is a big Jurassic World fan and dinosaur enthusiast, so Cantu recreated a scene from the film – the one where Owen (Chris Pratt) tames his crew of velociraptors. Enlisting help from a friends and fellow actors who were decked out in dino-masks, he stopped them from faux-attacking Machnica and then conducted them as they sang the film’s theme song.

The kicker? Cantu added words to the instrumental theme, singing to her, “Will you marry me? Say yes.” What starts as a little silly turns into an ultra-romantic moment that’s got us kind of in love with dinosaurs ourselves!

Check it out:

(Image via Universal Pictures)