Janet Mock — TV host, author, journalist, and advocate for trans rights — got married to her love of five years, Aaron, last Thursday in Hawaii. And guys, the pictures are amazing. No, actually, take “amazing” and then mix it with some “OMG LOVE” and some “perfection,” and that’s exactly what Janet’s wedding pics are.

In addition to getting married, late last week Janet also wrote a piece for Brides about her wedding, her beloved new husband, and the fact that she never thought that any of this could have possibly happened to her.

She explained how they met on the dance floor in 2009 and although she was totally smitten, she was afraid to tell Aaron the truth about her gender identity. She wrote:

He proposed five years later, and Janet was blown away. “. . . I struggled to imagine what my wedding day would look like because I had never imagined that I would actually have a wedding,” she wrote.

“I grew up in a world where girls like myself rarely got the guy in the end, where partnership wasn’t readily accessible, safety wasn’t guaranteed, and love wasn’t part of the equation. I had no blueprint for happily ever after.”

When they saw each other at the wedding, they both burst into tears. “It was a dream, an impossible dream come true,” Janet wrote. “Though a wedding doesn’t make a marriage, being able to show up and declare our commitment in front of the people we love meant everything to us. The whole day was a statement on the transformative power of being seen for who you really are and being loved not despite your past and experiences but because of it.”

Yep, we’re teary-eyed over here. Congratulations, Janet and Aaron! May you have a very long and happy life together. <3

(Images via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.)