If your online dating strategy involves waiting some time to chat up a new match, you’re gonna want to start thinking up a new strategy ASAP. Hinge, the dating app that connects people who are friends of friends on Facebook, has just made a major change that makes the whole “wait three days” strategy impossible.

Yesterday, Hinge announced that it wants you to make a move or go home. That is, if you and a match don’t message at all within 24 hours of being paired, that match is gone, kaput, CAST INTO THE VOID. So within one day, you’d better chat your match up, but even after one of you makes a move, you’re still on the clock: The two of you have 14 days to exchange numbers and take the conversation off Hinge before the match disappears. AHHHH PRESSURE.

Hinge is joining the ranks of other dating apps that impose a time limit, such as Bumble, JSwipe, and The League. And although it may make people sweat a little bit, the rule makes sense: It will hopefully foster meaningful interactions between people who actually want a date instead of people who just swipe madly for fun and don’t bother following through.

After all, though it takes an average of two and a half days for Hinge users to communicate, users who messaged first within 24 hours were twice as likely to actually get a response from their match, according to the dating site’s math.

Also good to know? Hinge research showed that men are more likely to play games and take 20% longer to respond to messages than women do.

“It’s really a way to help both parties figure out when they should be engaging,” Karen Fein, a spokesperson for Hinge, told Quartz. “. . . There’s clearly a window here. If you want a response you should message sooner.”

The psychology behind the rule also makes sense as well: By having the app force you into flirting ASAP, it removes the possibility of seeming too forward or overeager, since the app, in essence, made you do it. “If there is any stigma attached to messaging too soon, then that’s eliminated,” Fein told Quartz. “That’s probably one of the reasons more conversations are started with the deadline. It’s either now or nothing.”

The time limit will show on the top of the conversation, which TBH has zero chill. A lot of people are not thrilled about the change:

So will a time limit mess up your online dating mojo, or will it help you find the person you’ve been looking for? Time will only tell (pun totally intended).

(Image via Hinge/itunes.)