Brittany Malooly
Updated Jun 06, 2016 @ 12:56 pm

We all know how difficult it is to detach from technology, especially when you have your phone ON you at all times. It feels impossible with our increasingly short attention spans to resist looking down at the screen when you hear that satisfying *ding* sound. Because of this, Durex decided to do a little experiment. They sent six couples on vacation, but forced three of the six to ditch their cell phones, tablets, and laptops for the duration of the trip.

The experiment asks the question: “Are you more connected to your phone than your partner?” And the results are both sad and hilarious.

The three couples that were allowed to keep their cell phones were initially relieved. They took photos of their surroundings, stayed in contact with people back home, and checked social media. But it’s clear that the technology creates a divide. One girlfriend said to her significant other, who is mid-text with a friend, “Do you have to reply to it now? You’re annoying me.”


The couples who abstained from technology for the duration of their vacation explained how much they loved being forced to disconnect. “Not being with technology, we’re almost like in a bubble. We talk more, we sing more to each other, we play silly games.”

The couples who lost their phones for the vacation seemed to agree that, even if we think we’re living in the moment with our phones, we truly aren’t. One participant explained, “I was just quite enjoying relishing in the moment rather than looking at it through a lens.”

Maybe we’ll try to leave our cell phones at home during our next vacation, too. Keyword: Try.