Kenya Foy
Updated Mar 04, 2017 @ 5:40 pm
guy throws up marriage proposal

We love seeing couples get engaged. Watching blissful lovers pop the question normally makes us feel all warm and fuzzy, but we’ve stumbled upon an engagement that has our insides feeling a little unsettled.

What happened is this guy threw up during a marriage proposal, but luckily his ill-timed sickness didn’t totally ruin things.

It actually has a sweet ending that might encourage you to let go of the idea of a perfect proposal.

As Mashable reports, video journalist Darrell Hamilton Jr. got all fancy with it and surprised his girlfriend Rheanna Faye with a romantic helicopter ride for two over Reedley, California. Hamilton filmed the couple’s big moment, but he obviously had no idea that he — and his previous meals — would become the center of attention.

At first, Hamilton and Faye are totally into the ride, snapping photos of the gorgeous green landscape below. Then, about a minute into the video, Hamilton starts looking rather sickly. He did, however, manage to get out the ring and the proposal just before puking up his guts.

OK, so that was the most awkwardly sweet proposal we’ve EVER seen. The location was the stuff of storybooks, the views were on point and the person Hamilton wanted to spend the rest of his life with was right by his side. Obviously, it would’ve been nice if his “I’m Gonna Propose Today” to-do list included “take a motion sickness pill, dude,” but that’s what barf bags are for, right?

Congrats to the lovely couple!