Marissa Higgins
Updated Sep 01, 2016 @ 12:27 pm
NBC/Getty Images

If you’re a fan of the hit tv show Friends (and really, who isn’t?) there’s no way you’ve forgotten Chandler’s dreamy proposal to Monica. Chandler proposed in their swanky New York apartment, with candles everywhere and all of their friends waiting outside to congratulate them. If you’re a Friends fanatic, you’ve likely dreamed of a similar proposal for yourself… And for one lucky woman, her boyfriend managed to propose in the very same spot, making our hearts collectively gush.

Krunal Desai proposed to his girlfriend of eleven years, Radha Patel, in the apartment Monica and Chandler shared on Friends. How did he manage this, exactly? Comedy Central currently has a FriendsFest in London, where fans of the show can visit a replica of the set, meet cast members, and so on. While there, Desai worked it out with the people running the event so he could have private access to the Chandler and Monica’s apartment so he could propose to his girlfriend.

Unsurprisingly, she said yes! As Desai explained to Hello!, he originally got the idea for a proposal there because, “We both absolutely love Friends, and Radha can’t go to sleep without watching the show. We even had a short break in our relationship, leading people to call us the real life Ross and Rachel,” and we mean, life imitates art, right?

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