Rachel Paige
July 14, 2015 9:02 am

You’re hearing the name Melissa Benoist a lot right now, and it’s all for good reasons. Not only is she going to play Supergirl in our new favorite fall show, Supergirl, but she also just pulled off a pretty super feat: a super-secret wedding!

As if we’re not excited about this enough as it is, Benoist not only got married, but married her former Glee co-star, Blake Jenner. The two met on the set of the series, and their characters — Marley Rose and Ryder —went on one date. Marley was not into having a relationship at the time, so things fizzled…on TV. Thankfully, art didn’t imitate life, and Benoist and Jenner started dating. The two got engaged back in 2013 and have since been posting adorable Instagram posts together, as couples in love do.

Over the weekend at Comic-Con, where Benoist was promoting Supergirl, many started asking her about the Big Day, and that’s when she let it slip: she had already gotten hitched.

So while we await more details about this amazing wedding — especially the guest list of Glee cast members — let’s take a second and watch one of their best moments together on the show. That would be when the two of them actually sang, “You’re The One That I Want,” dressed up as Sandy and Danny. The Glee romance feels are REAL, you guys (and I apologize for all the Glee feelings this will stir up).

So many happy congrats to Benoist and Jenner!!

(Images via Instagram)


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