Crystal Ro
April 07, 2016 4:35 pm
Crystal Ro / Hello Giggles
Crystal Ro / Hello Giggles

Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect word for any given situation. That’s when words like “fuck” can come in handy!

Finding the perfect gift for women who love the “F” bomb can be equally hard. So, here are a few ideas to get you fucking started:

1. This “fucking gorgeous” compact with a wonderful reminder.

Mugsleys / Etsy

Get it here for $12.00.

2. These noteworthy “no fucks” pencils for the true ~professional~.

thecarboncrusader / Etsy

Get them here for $8.00.

3. This “Best Fucking Friend” mug for, well, your BFF.

KnotworkShop / Etsy

Get it here for $16.00.

4. This itty bitty “fuck off” button that’s just too cute.

Bethsbadgeshop / Etsy

Get it here for $0.87.

5. This adorable cat cookie cutter that silently gives no fucks.

Made3D / Etsy

Get it here for $10.13.

6. These brilliant “fuck yeah” sweater clips.

whistleburg / Etsy

Get them here for $16.18.

7. This cute “zero fucks given” travel mug to start your morning right.

legrislapin / Etsy

Get it here for $22.00.

8. This lovely”fuck off” embroidery to make your home your truly happy place.

GeneralMouth / Etsy

Get it here for $28.93.

9. This dainty, yet super strong “fuck fear” handkerchief.

wrenbirdarts / Etsy

Get it here for $15.00.

10. This very pretty “classy as fuck” ring dish.

BobandLooBoutique / Etsy

Get it here for $10.50.

11. This subtly brilliant “fuck it” necklace.

Neoromantica / Etsy

Get it here for $64.33.