Annabel Acton
Updated Dec 21, 2014 @ 2:19 pm

Christmas is awesome. Mistletoe, cookies, carols, stockings and everybody’s favorite. . . gifts! However, let’s face it, with gifts, sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. Massively. That sinking feeling in your stomach sets in, because even if it’s the thought that counts, sometimes it feels like those thoughts are bad, or did not exist. My biz, is all about offloading unwanted gifts, so unfortunately, I happen to know a thing or two about gift fails. Earlier this year, we looked at the range of presents your significant other could buy you at a drugstore, now, we’re turning our attention to Christmas gifts. We’re here for you, bad-gift recipients. We know how it feels.

The Gift: Flowers

They probably meant: “You love flowers, you always wish I’d buy you more.”

How it came off: “Um. . . did this person just cheat on me?’

Now what? Even if he or she didn’t buy them from the florist that happens to be open all night, this is a last-minute Christmas fail. Ask sweetly if that’s your real gift, and when the person embarrassingly says “No, of course not honey,” hug them enthusiastically.

Points for trying: 2/10

The Gift: Renewed Netflix Subscription

They probably meant: “You love Netflix! And now you’ve got it for a whole other year”

How it came off: “Is this a gift for me or them?”

Now what? OK, at least your person knows you enough to know that sometimes (often, actually) there’s nothing better than a rainy day House of Cards lock-in with food delivered, wine poured and curtains drawn. Use this gift as an opportunity to up the quality of your Netflix Nights and suggest they plan all the edible and drinkable trimmings to accompany your marathons. You’re providing the entertainment after all.

Points for trying: 4/10

The Gift: A ‘Surprise Gift’ you haven’t received yet

They probably meant: “This buys me a couple of extra days. . .gotta pull it together”

How it came off: “Hmmm. . . . Is this code for forgot?”

Now what? Don’t jump to conclusions. It could actually be a genuine surprise. And chances are they’ll overcompensate with something doubly awesome to neutralize your suspicions. Be cool.

Points for trying: 7/10

The Gift: Framed photo of you two

They probably meant: “I’ll be more organized next year, but for now, this will do!”

How it came off: “Sneaky, sneaky. How can I get mad at this?

Now what? Don’t get mad at it. It’s quite sweet. Jumpstart a conversation about what photos you’ll go on next year and then start planning some fun, romantic getaways you can take in 2015.

Points for trying: 9/10

So there you have it. Whatever happens, calm your inner diva. Presents aren’t really THAT important. Well, maybe they are. Who knows, your significant other might go all out next year and make you one of these pearlers. Which might be more weird than wonderful, but hey!