Long-distance relationships are no joke. They take a lot of patience and require too many nights alone. But lucky for far away couples, there is a new gadget in the works that will hopefully make long-distance relationships not as hard as they are right now — by allowing you to feel your partner’s heartbeat. It may sound a little creepy, but it’s not. We promise.

Joanna Montgomery from design company Little Riot is in a long-distance relationship, and she totally understands the feeling of wanting to feel connected to your partner. That’s why she designed the Pillow Talk — a device you wear on your wrist that uses a sensor to capture your heartbeat and then plays it through a speaker for your loved one to hear and feel. Because, as she puts it, “long-distance sucks.”

The two devices can be paired together using smart phones, so couples can listen to each other’s heartbeats in real-time. But they’re not just for couples — they’re also meant to be used by people in the military who have to leave their kids for long periods of time, or really by anyone who is away from their families for too long.

Your job as a Pillow Talk buyer is simple — all you need to do is wear the wristband, which is comfortable enough to sleep in (and comes with a removable sensor so the wristband can be washed), place the speaker under your pillow, and then allow the technology to help you feel closer to your person who is really far away. The device also works for someone who is close, but too lazy to come over — we’ve all been there. Since the wristbands and speakers are portable, you can also plug your headphones in and hear the heartbeat on the go. But maybe ask your person to check in with you before they hit the gym, just so you don’t freak out a little by their all of a sudden super fast heartbeat. The product sells for $179 and includes two wristbands and two speakers.

Montgomery started the project four years ago when she was in college, and people loved it so much, she decided to make a Kickstarter to raise money to help launch the product for real. To pre-order the product or to donate money, visit Pillow Talk’s Kickstarter page. Here’s hoping it makes the miles apart seem a little more manageable.

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