period jokes
Credit: HBO

The only thing that makes a period worth having is being able to laugh about it. [Said no one who actually has a period ever.]

1. When you can’t believe this is actually happening.

2. When your period is being stubborn AF.

3. When ice cream is your main priority.

4. When a very bad pun just can’t be stopped.

5. When your period gets techy.

6. When you start walking and feel the chafe.

7. When it turns out Game of Thrones knows you better than you thought.

8. When it seems like your food is sympathetic.

9. When you wish you could send a simple note to your period.

10. When Ron pretty surprisingly hit the nail on the head.


11. When you had to simplify things for people who don’t have periods.

12. When you felt at war with your own body.

13. When a dude got schooled.

14. When Ygritte let Jon Snow know he truly knows nothing.


16. When an explanation of periods basically got poetic.

17. And finally, when everything stopped being funny. [JK.]