Kenya Foy
July 21, 2016 12:02 pm
Morgan McBride/Unsplash

Who needs to take a random friendship quiz or scroll through countless stories that define friendship to determine the state of relations with a BFF? Honestly, anyone questioning the intentions of their (alleged) bestie should simply pay attention to how they treat you during hard times to determine if the relationship is worth continuing, like in the case of this unfortunate woman who got stuck in a tree while her friends could barely help her for laughing their asses off. Some friends these are (says the girl whose friends would totally be laughing at her if she got stuck in a tree, because let’s be honest, that is what friends do).

To be fair, the trapped lady got in her fair share of guffawing and studies have proven that friends who laugh together, stay together. OK, so I totally made that up, but the fact that everyone involved in this situation appears to have a hearty sense of humor certainly bodes well for the future of their friendships.

But what’s up with that tree, though? Who in their right mind would go anywhere near it? (Seriously lady, we need answers). Aside from the fact that it nearly swallowed a human being whole, it totally resembles one of those creepy horror film trees that serve as middle-of-the-night gathering spots for restless souls who have unfinished business here on Earth.

But bravo to the friends, who demonstrated compassion and the ability to laugh uncontrollably in the midst of a dramatic rescue effort that started off with some stern tugging:

Which failed, prompting this ax-wielding guy to chop away at the tree trunk (and nearly her face):

This is hilarious and also mildly terrifying. Watch the whole thing unfold below:

Honestly, if you’re going to get yourself into…situations, it’s always better to have your crew there to laugh about it with you.