May 04, 2015 9:05 am

Sometimes it is necessary exaggerate to prove a point. Have you ever said something when you’re hungry like you could literally eat an entire cupcake shop and the wrappers, too? Or when you’re so tired you could literally sleep for a year? Literally is one of our most misused adverbs ever, but what happens when you’re LITERALLY being literal?

Besties Nina Steffel and Carly Chaikin  run into some problems when someone doesn’t take semantics very seriously. In “Literally on the Fence,” Carly calls Nina desperately asking her for help —she’s on the fence! But not THAT kind of fence. We’re talking about a real, actual fence. In “Literally Can’t Pull This Off” Nina does what every good BFF should do and lends moral support to bolster Carly’s confidence when she literally needs help pulling a sweater off. Watch and get into the hilarious series we love, Literally:
Episode #1

Episode #2

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