Teri Wilson
April 04, 2016 4:58 pm
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In a video that’s got everyone talking, Buzzfeed conducted a pretty crazy experiment in which two pairs of best friends chose tattoos for one another. BFFs Ashly and Andrew designed each others’ ink, as did besties Daysha and Briana. That’s a lot of trust, guys. A whole lot.

Even as the tattoo artist did his thing, the participants weren’t allowed to watch. They had no idea what was getting permanently drawn on their bodies until the deed was done. We’re guessing in the days leading up to this event, Ashly, Andrew, Daysha and Briana were on their best behavior. Now would not be the time to tick off your friend. Just saying.

The results were actually pretty rad. The tattoos were all minimal and simplistic. No massive Ben Affleck-style back tats (which technically wasn’t real, but hey, we’re still talking about it because WHOA). Our fave moment: Ashly holding hands with Andrew while she was getting inked and saying, “I feel like we’re having a baby.”


How did these friends feel about the whole tattoo thing once it was over and done? Did they regret handing over this much power to their BFFs???

Warner Bros.

Andrew said, “It’s not like 100% what I would pick out, but it’s like even better than what I would personally pick out because I trusted you to do it…There’s something nice about having a symbol of friendship that will last forever.”


The bottom line:


Take a look at the video below, and then ponder what you might choose for your bestie. Because you never know!