Angelica Florio
Dec 05, 2016 @ 1:37 pm
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Having a queer BFF isn't any different from having a straight BFF, because no matter the person, you and your friend are going to have similarities and differences. (Unless you found a way to clone yourself and if that's the case, TELL US YOUR SECRETS.) But for many gay women with straight friends, there are bound to be misunderstandings.

BuzzFeed Yellow has a perfect video about those hilarious moments when you're reminded that your friend might not be thinking the same things as you.

When you fail as a wing-woman

Credit: BuzzFeed Yellow

Y'know those times when a cool girl passes by and you were busy cuddling up to your BFF to notice, and then she gets mad at you for making her look "unavailable?" The video perfectly illustrates that moment when your friend gets mad at you when she was trying to get her flirt-on!

The friend says. Yep, totally been there. Sorry, girl!

When the two of you have different ideas for your going out plans

Credit: BuzzFeed Yellow

In the video, one of the friends proposes her plan for the night:

The game then progresses to rock-paper-scissors, to which the queer friend in the video hilariously accuses the other of offensively "doing scissors on purpose this whole time." We can't help but crack up at that one.

You make silly assumptions about their romantic preferences

Credit: BuzzFeed Yellow

When the straight friend in the video says, "I know a really cute gay girl in my improve class… I thought of you!" The queer friend sarcastically replies,

While the straight friend's intentions were good here, of course just being 'a really cute gay girl' doesn't mean that the two will be compatible! The queer friend's perfect response played on classic lesbian stereotypes that suggest all queer women are the same. Of course, being BFFs, you two get over these offenses.

The rest of the video has more hilarious jokes and relatable friend-tiffs, watch the whole thing for yourself:

Nothing beats a BFF who knows how to keep it real