Kayleigh Roberts
February 13, 2015 4:11 pm

Today is Galentine’s Day, the pinnacle of female-empowerment holidays. You’re no doubt showering your besties in thoughtful, handmade gifts and consuming your weight in waffles in celebration.

But there’s no reason for the girl power awesomeness to end with G-Day. Extend it into V-Day (you know, that other “-entine’s” day on February 14) by text-bombing your besties (and crushes and siblings and parents — really, there’s no one off-limits) with these digital Valentine’s starring butt-kicking, strong, powerful and all-around amazing ladies.

And don’t worry, because I’m a Good Journalist, I thoroughly tested this idea on my very own sister and the result was the exact mix of bonding, laughter and playful annoyance that every successful Valentine needs.

Suggested caption: “You slay me.”

Send this one to the friend you would actually volunteer as tribute for.

Because it’s important to celebrate the person you never get tired of ever.

Appropriate for actual sisters and the ones from other misters.

It’s simple and true and gets bonus points because Willow Rosenberg is kind of the quintessential best friend.

Because this special human you’re text bombing is your personal hero.

And finally, one that will remind your best friend that she’s pure magic and makes the impossible possible.

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