snail cats

Remember that one time a snail was best friends with two cats? Yeah, me neither. It sounds crazy, mainly because three is a difficult number for a social grouping. Someone always seems to feel like a third wheel (ahem…the white and gray cat). Oh, and also because snails and cats don’t typically hang out. But it seems someone forgot to mention that to the animals in this video. Believe me, we’re just as confused you are. But we’re also strangely fascinated.

First off, the white and orange cat is the epitome of chill. Or maybe the snail hypnotized him. And let’s talk about the snail for a minute because, my gosh, have you ever seen a creature possess so much confidence?

I’m not going to lie. There was more than one moment during my first viewing of this video when I thought the snail was about to be eaten. (More like 39 of those moments, but who’s counting?) That gray and white cat was right in his face. I swear, the cat even licked him a couple times. And not an affectionate little lick. It was more of a taste-test kind of sitch.

Any other snail would have just retreated into its shell until the coast was clear. Not this dude. He was down for some intense face-to-face interaction. By the end, the cat was rubbing his furry kitten face on the snail’s tiny little snail face, and it was probably the most bizarrely cute thing I’ve ever seen.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

(Images and video via YouTube.)