Last month we told you about Tillie, the sweet dog who rescued her sister friend, Phoebe after she fell into a concrete cistern in the middle of the woods. Their owner BJ Duft reported the dogs missing right away, but no one had any luck finding them. That’s because for an entire week after Phoebe fell in the hole, Tillie didn’t leave her side. She watched over Phoebe at night, leaving during the day to try and find help. She finally got the attention of the person living at the house Phoebe kept going back to, and that person called the animal rescue organization Vashon Island Pet Protectors to let them know a dog had been seen several times before heading back into the woods. And that’s how Phoebe was rescued — thanks to Tillie’s perseverance.

Well the happy ending wasn’t actually an ending, because more good news has come from this story. Yesterday, the Washington State governor, Jay Inslee, awarded Tillie “Washingtonian of the day.” Tillie, a setter-spaniel attended the small award ceremony with her basset hound friend Phoebe and their owner.

Tillie’s courage and dedication to friendship is really inspiring. Anyone — dog or human — would be lucky to have a friend like Tillie around. We are so happy to hear that both dogs are happy and doing well. Yay friendship!

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