Kit Steinkellner
Jul 06, 2014 @ 11:09 am

Every time I get to hang out with my bestie (or besties, a girl is allowed to have more than one) I get down on my knees and thank the heavens above for each one of them. Because there are some things you can ONLY share with your person. Below, a list.

1. Worries About Where Your Life Is Going

You project an image on social media that EVERYTHING IS FINE. You tell acquaintances you are SO LUCKY and you are currently counting EVERY SINGLE BLESSING YOU HAVE. And all of that is true. Or true-ish. But you're also wondering if you will ever find love/be happy at work/get over that really sucky thing that happened to you when you were a child. Your best friend is someone you don't have to be constantly humble/grateful in front of. She gets what your worried/scared about and isn't going to make you feel bad about it.

2. Family Drama-rama

Families are complicated, weird, hard things. Tolstoy was NOT messing around when he talked about all unhappy families being unhappy in their own way. But most people are NOT comfortable telling the world how crazy their families are, it's basically just bestselling memoirists and my beloved Kardashians. But you can tell all to your BFF because she's right there with you telling you all about how bananas-nuts HER family is.

3. Awesome News That Has To Stay a Secret For The Time Being

You sold your novel but you can't tell the world until they post the news in Publisher's Weekly. You got into grad school but you're waiting until you get financial aid news to see whether or not you can actually go. You're dating someone new but you're waiting to make it Facebook official. There's news that you WANT to share but CAN'T rightthissecondnow and the best way you can deal is screaming with joy into pillows, dancing like a crazy woman in your bedroom with the music bumped all the way up, and telling your bestie EVERYTHING.

4. That Hilarious Story That's Super Gross/Unflattering/Embarrassing

Sometimes REALLY funny things happen to me and I want to tweet hard about said hilarious anecdote but then I think "Wait, no, because then the world will think I'm the grossest/stupidest/weirdest/ lamest/saddest/whatever-negative-adjective-you-can-think-of-est. You can't tell the world that unflattering or embarrassing anecdote (or at least I can't because I'm just the prissiest little thing there ever was) BUT BUT BUT you can tell (trumpet fanfare) YOUR BESTIE. She will hear all, laugh at all. She is the best audience of one a girl can have.

So those are the things I only share with my bestie (or rather, a select few besties). Spill it, friends, what do you share with yours?

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