Christina Wolfgram
May 05, 2015 12:40 pm

Since Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran finished their world tour last June, they’ve been pretty public about their BFF status. Ed recently said in an interview that he gives Taylor and her alleged new boyfriend, Calvin Harris, his blessing—an adorable “big brother” gesture. Plus, Ed, who is recently single, mentioned that Tay Tay is a “brilliant wingwoman.” Sounds like the pair knows how to back each other up (in both the vocal and friendship departments).

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine two wildly talented, successful, famous people being normal friends, but T-Swift gave us the best look into their conversations last night. She posted a screenshot of a back-and-forth between her and Ed at bedtime, proving that even when you’re a superstar, late night texting with your bestie is the … well, bestie.

“Go to sleep, I’ll talk to you soon,” Taylor messages Ed.

“In a bizzle, swizzle,” Ed replies.

Is your heart exploding yet? It gets even more hilarious.

“Like you said, Ed,” says Taylor. (If this is reading like an excerpt from Tina Belcher’s Friend Fiction, it’s because it is the BFF convo of our dreams.)

Ed keeps up the rhyming. “That’s okay, Tay,” he says before poking fun at their hokey poetry. “You’d think for multi-platinum lyricists we’d do better.”

Honestly, friendship doesn’t get any cuter than this. Taylor just embarked on her 1989 tour, kicking festivities off in Tokyo on Monday. We love that she and Ed continue to support each other, even from halfway around the world. Better yet, we love that she and Ed continue to support each other in rhymes. Too adorable.

Check out the full conversation below:

(Image via here and here.)