In an interview with Selena Gomez published in The New York Times today, writer Joe Coscarelli talks to the former-tween-now-grown-up-actress-and-singer, about her second solo studio album, Revival, out Oct. 9. Among their topics of discussion are how Gomez’s music has changed, and how she has personally grown both as an artist and a woman.

Selena also speaks candidly about her now-famous friendship with Taylor Swift, and in the process imparts some amazing wisdom about the importance of supporting your fellow woman.

“Taylor is a lot more trusting than I am,” she told the Times. “I have trust issues, given my situation. She’s very open, so she brings out this other side of me.”

And Swift has equally nice and uplifting things to say about her BFF Gomez. “In the last two years, I’ve seen Selena start to make her career her own,” she said. “She’s separated her opinion out and prioritized it above anyone else’s. Her childhood was defined by working hard, with the major business decisions primarily being made by others. The coolest part of watching her grow up has been seeing her gradually take the creative reins and start to steer the ship.”

Wow. Those are some deep, genuine, and powerful words that highlight how critical it is for us to not only surround ourselves with strong female influences, but to make sure we become those things for ourselves — and for our woman friends, too.

Of course, as any fan of Gomez and/or Swift knows, this isn’t the first time they’ve publicly pronounced their bestie love for each other and consequently put to rest the idea this silly idea that girls are threatened by each other. The twosome have been close for years, having been photographed together at many an award show, and even teaming up among many of the other ladies in Swift’s friend squad to create the “Bad Blood” music video (aka all our friendship goals in just over four minutes).

And just last month, Gomez joined Swift on stage during one of her 1989 tour shows at L.A.’s Staples Center to perform her hit song “Good for You.”

Of Swift, Gomez also told People this week that “it’s very rare to have that [kind of friendship]. I’m just so thankful for her.” Considering how Swift and Gomez are always surrounded by awesome woman friends, we totally believe it — and we’re available if there are any spots in their squad open!

Check out a video clip of Gomez and Swift’s iconic Staples Center moment below, and join us in remembering why supporting our fellow woman trumps almost everything else.

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