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For years, there’s been a rumored feud between Sarah Jessica Parker and at least one of her former Sex and the City female co-stars. While people gladly ate those stories up like a gourmet meal, SJP is officially calling complete BS on the double standards surrounding friendships between women and her sentiments are the absolute truth.

People reports that Parker discussed the longstanding SATC rumor that she had tension with Kim Cattrall during a recent interview on The Howard Stern Show. According to the Divorce actress, those ongoing allegations nearly drove her insane over the years simply because she felt they were sexist in nature.

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She told Stern:

We feel you, SJP. This notion that women can’t co-exist peacefully is extremely gross, outright sexist and works to completely overshadow what really matters, which is the fact that these incredibly talented women successfully carried a series for six seasons.


Multiple Emmy wins and two movies later, Sex and the City remains iconic. Seriously, we can’t go an entire day without working SATC quotes into our conversation and fans are still willing to pay good money to see another SATC movie come to fruition.

The show’s success and popularity should be all the evidence we need to know that healthy female friendships actually exist, which is something that clearly resonates with women everywhere.