Picture of Seth and Ryan Playing Video Games

If the 2004 version of me had my way, Benjamin McKenzie would be married to Mischa Barton and Adam Brody would be married to Rachel Bilson. The O.C. fabulous foursome would live next door to each other and trade off hosting lavish-but-down-to-earth dinner parties. Even though things didn’t quite work out that way, Ben and Adam found wonderful women and are definitely living their happily ever afters. Soon, they’re even going to be new dads at the same time!

Brody and his wife Leighton Meester just had a daughter, adorably named Arlo Day. And now, Ben McKenzie is expecting with his girlfriend Morena Baccarin! Imagining Adam Brody aka Seth Cohen as a new father is all kinds of cute, and makes his appearance as a disheveled dad on New Girl even funnier. And if Ben is anything like Ryan Atwood he will be a great dad too—a more serious one that you definitely don’t want to disappoint.

These two have come a long way together, and to celebrate their new roles as dads, let’s look back at their epic bromance as Ryan and Seth. Even though they weren’t blood relatives, the two characters shared a deep brotherly bond that surely helped shaped them into the men they are today.

Ryan always indulged Seth in his goofiness, crazy ideas, and romantic theories.

Sometimes, he even encouraged it, like that time Ryan borrowed Cap’n Oats.

They were always able to talk to each other through the difficult times (read: girl troubles).

They understood the true meaning of family, re: comic book family portraits

They didn’t always hug. But when they did, they meant it.


Ryan and Seth were simply the best. We heart their bromance forever! I’d also like to point out that Ben’s girlfriend Morena plays a character named Jessica Brody on Homeland. Coincidence? Yes, but it’s just more proof that Ryan and Seth are meant to be BFFs forever and ever.

(Images via Fox, Tumblr)