What happens when two of our fave humans go and have fun together? They snap adorable pics that sum up the meaning of #friendshipgoals! Yup, Millie Bobby Brown and Paris Jackson were spotted hanging in L.A., and it looks like they’re becoming besties. Not only did they enjoy the Cali sunshine, but they sat side by side and played piano while belting out Adele’s “Someone Like You.” Quick question, guys…why weren’t we invited to this hang out session? We’ll let it slide this time, but we better be on the list for the next one!

Okay, here’s the photo that Brown posted on her Insta.

As if this couldn’t get ANY cuter, Jackson posted the same photo and captioned it: “See you soon, sunshine!” Here’s the two of them having fun at the piano.

Credit: Snapchat/Paris Jackson

Not surprised that Brown has pipes, because she’s a multi-talented performer who keeps on surprising us every step of the way (remember when she rapped like a PRO on Jimmy Fallon?).

We can’t wait to see them experience more adventures together.

And to make us even more jealous, Brown hung out with Zac Efron the other day. Again, we mysteriously didn’t get an invitation…must have got lost in the mail.

Credit: Snapchat/Millie Bobby Brown

And oh look, Jackson and Macaulay Culkin had some face time!

Even though we weren’t there in person, all these smiling faces have made our Friday. Let’s bring on the weekend and smash it with everything we’ve got!