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Updated May 19, 2016 @ 5:37 pm
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If you’re a Game of Thrones fan (and we’ll assume you are since you’re reading this), you probably know that Melisandre, aka The Red Woman, and Davos Seaworth, aka The Onion Knight, don’t exactly see eye-to-eye.

They both served Stannis Baratheon, and they’ve had to team up a little on this whole bring-Jon-Snow-back-from-the-dead thing, but overall, they don’t get along. They’re frenemies at best.

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But IRL, the actors who play them, Carice van Houten and Liam Cunningham, are the BEST. OF. FRIENDS. And it’s kind of the cutest.

Here they are palling around at Comic-Con in 2015.

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They do adorable pretend fights because they think it’s ~hilarious~ that their characters hate each other too.

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Here’s Davos, er, Liam poking fun at Carice in a playful way that actually makes her laugh (because obviously only your very best friends can make fun of you and get away with it!).

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Seriously, their fake fights are one of the cutest things happening in Game of Thrones fandom right now.

IRL, they would be happy to share the Iron Throne (Arya can come, too).

Because it would give them more time together to share inside jokes and make each other laugh.

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Real fans assume they’re a pretty exclusive clique.

But they’re also always up for a group hang.

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In between some fun time alone, of course.


Because, at the end of the day, they really just want to hang out with each other.

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