Christina Wolfgram
January 11, 2016 5:30 pm

Life is tough when you haven’t seen your bestie in a few weeks. Or even a few days.

So when your BFF calls to see if you want to hang out soon …

You already know the answer.

The two of you text incessantly, discussing the where, when, and what’s.

“What about a gym date?”

“That would be great, except we can’t gossip and do cardio. Remember what happened last time?”

“Let’s go out clubbing,” one of you suggests.

As a joke.

You both know what you want to do when you hang out.

It’s hard to find a day where you’re both available, since life is so busy with work …

But when you finally find a Friday night that fits your schedule, you lock that date down.

After that, all that stands between you and some quality BFF time is an agonizing wait.

And in the end, all the planning was totally worth it.

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