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Credit: Kevork Djansezian / Getty

There's no bigger bummer than having a huge event, and your best friend can't be there. That's how it must have felt for Sophie Turner of Game of Thrones, who was hardcore missing her BFF Maisie Williams at San Diego Comic Con this year.

On Sunday, Maisie tweeted this at Sophie:


She's clearly questioning this awkward pic of Sophie chowing down in the middle of the massive Game of Thrones panel in Hall H. Isn't it so sweet that even though she couldn't be there, Maisie's watching the panel for ways to tease her friend?

Sophie responded with a BFF message so cute, it made our hearts melt:


Clearly, the nonstop weekend of all things pop culture and nerdy just isn't the same without your number one bestie.

These two have made no secret of their love. In fact, they’ve even embraced a shipping hashtag: #mophie:

Look at them enjoying their triumphs in the last season of GoT (SPOILERS!):

They even help each other with last minute wardrobe adjustments.

They are giving us some serious #friendshipgoals and we love it.

We’ve just got one question. Can we come hang out too?