We just found out what the dreamiest dreams are made of: a meta Lizzie McGuire reunion.

On Thursday, Matt McGuire and Ethan Craft (or Jake Thomas and Clayton Snyder, if you prefer to go by their “real” names) reunited in a blaze of nostalgic glory! Because they are BFFs, everything is right in the world, and they’re filming a movie together.

“So Jake rolls in to join the #whlnmovie cast and I’m catching him up to speed while browsing the TV guide. Lo and behold…” joked Snyder, referring to the fact that the Lizzie McGuireChristmas episode was on. The only way this situation could be improved is if the rest of the cast just so happened to be in the neighborhood and decided to drop by at that exact moment.

Behold, the beautiful evidence:

Okay, now back to the movie they’re filming together. It’s called What Happened Last Night and the movie’s website reveals the plot: “A guy and a girl wake up in bed next to one another and don’t know who each other is, where they are, how they got there, where their clothes are or… What Happened Last Night.

This feature-length romantic comedy is set on a college campus and tells a story of heartbreak, friends, rebounds, Greek life, college parties and the fog some of us have experienced the morning after.​” (Okay, so Ethan Craft and Matt McGuire have definitely grow up, but we are here for it.)

Since this seems to be the year of nostalgia-filled reunions (Exhibit A), we have to wonder: Will another Lizzie McGuire alum make an appearance in their movie? Or, is there a full-on reunion in the works? As we contemplate these important, life-changing questions, we’ll just set this photo down here:

And this one, too:

Lizzie McGuire, we will never quit on you. *begins humming the theme song*

[Images via Instagram and Disney Enterprises]