This post was written by Lindsey Robertson on The Dodo.

1. A real friend won't care if you're uncoordinated.

2. These two pals are pro posers.

3. Naptime isn't complete without a snuggle buddy.

4. It's always nice to have an extra paw in the kitchen.

5. Best friends are always tougher together.

6. A true friend will keep all of your secrets.

7. Any good campout requires a faithful companion — even if it's just in your room.

8. Friends are usually interested in the same stuff.

9. Occasionally, best friends are total opposites.

10. You know playtime was successful if you both need a rest afterwards.

11. A true pal will reassure you in times of need.

12. It's nice to take long walks with friends.

13. There's nothing more valuable than a friend who can make you laugh.

14. True pals take care of one another.

15. You'll often find yourself making the same faces as your BFF.

16. A true best friend will always ride off into the sunset with you.

Kids and dogs can have wonderful friendships, but you should never leave them together unsupervised, and you should always take the necessary precautions when introducing your child to a new pet.

Check out some of our favorite BFF submissions from the Dodo community:

17. Abby and Fang enjoying some quiet time.

(Photo credit: Anne Cosalter)

18. Jack and Logan going on an adventure! (With the proper safety precautions, of course).

(Photo credit: Jessica Leigh Walsh)

19. Ollie and Rusty having a bit of a snuggle.

(Photo credit: Jen)

20. Joshua and Rusty spending some quality hangout time on the stairs.

21. This little cutie and her loyal pal having a hug.

(Photo credit: John Stanek)