Trilby Beresford
Updated Feb 02, 2017 @ 7:59 am
Credit: Instagram/Katy Perry

Even for the most extravagant of birthdays, it’s fair to say that most people don’t receive a banner flying high in the sky, bearing an abundance of praise for what an awesome human they are.

But Katy Perry is one of a kind, and she hired a plane to fly a banner over L.A. to send her agent Michael Kives a sweet bday message.

We didn’t really need more reasons to fall in love with Katy Perry, but you have to admit…this is a darn good one. And it’s definitely the most epic display of friendship that we’ve ever witnessed.

This is a thousand times better than a gift certificate to the spa (see her caption), and we have no doubt that it made Michael’s day, and the day of all his colleagues at CAA. And ours, too. And yours.

via giphyIt’s becoming obvious that Perry is the gift that keeps on giving; from her post-election tweets that are still so significant and inspiring for women, to her support of ladies everywhere, she’s always thinking of other people and how to make a positive impact.

She also encourages us to just be…ourselves.

We hope that Michael had a great birthday! We’d be lying if we didn’t feel the pressure to do something incredibly grand for our friends’ birthdays now….but let’s be real — they’ll probs have to settle for a card (and maybe a funny text). But it’s the spirit that counts, right??