Rachel Paige
Updated Oct 15, 2014 @ 8:03 am

I have found the key to happiness and it is puppies learning to climb down stairs. You haven’t experienced sheer joy until you’ve watched the triumph of the puppy spirit. This is a huge moment in a puppy’s life, and we need to celebrate. I mean, here we have this tiny little puppy, who has learned to climb up the stairs, but now can’t get down because stairs are scary. But these little puppies have to face their fears and climb back down. There very much appears to be a puppy stance that’s assumed whenever a puppy is thinking about going downstairs, but isn’t quite sure about it yet. Trust me when I say puppies climbing down stairs will warm even the coldest hearts on the chilliest days. If you don’t believe me, please take a look. All these puppies want to do is remind you to believe in yourself. Also, they really want to get down the stairs.

Butterball the Corgi can’t seem to figure out what’s the deal with stairs.

This is Daisy the golden retriever, and she needs help learning how to climb downstairs — so it’s a good thing she has her dad to show her the ropes.

This is Basil the corgi, and he’s British, and he does NOT want to go downstairs. Can you blame him? They look slippery.

This is Trinket, also a tiny corgi. She’s made it halfway down the stairs, so that’s good. But she’s not so sure about the last leg of the journey.

This is Clyde the pitbull, and he HATES everything about stairs. He’s not entirely sure why his buddy is going head-first down them. And he’s also confused as to why anyone would photograph this awful experience.

Puppies Reese and Rosie are best friends IRL and know that if they stick (really, really close) together they can achieve anything. Specifically, going down plush-carpeted stairs.

Here, Dakota, the Husky pup contemplates what choices in her life have brought her to this point.

I actually have a favorite puppy-on-stairs video to watch, and it’s Tibet the shih tuz. Because I’ve probably watch this video of someone’s dog five thousand times and it never gets old. Look at this thing. He’s just taking his sweet time.

This is another unnamed puppy, so let’s call her Princess. For such a tiny dog she sure is brave.

This pooch is just strategizing his next move.

Oof. Nose-first staircase dive!

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