December 7th is Bestie Day!

Origin Your other half, your soul sister, your BFF, your partner in crime, your bosom buddy, your kindred spirit… There are so many names for the first person you call for everything, from when you spill your gingerbread latte all over yourself before work, to when you get a promotion unexpectedly. Your bestie is the first to know everything. It is also important to note that oftentimes, we find ourselves with more than one bestie. Some have only one best friend and some have a dozen. Any way you cut it, a bestie is an important person in one’s life!

Today is the day to celebrate the special person in your life that you call your bestie. Zooey Deschanel created this holiday back in 2010 specifically for this purpose.

How to Celebrate Tell your bestie how you feel! Send a card, a gift, some flowers. Dinner, coffee, or a movie! A bestie date.

The relationship you have with your best friend is something that is unparalleled in other friendships. I think it is sad when we find ourselves distanced from our best friends when we focus on romantic relationships, or when we just get too just or lazy to set aside out much needed BFF time. Don’t take your bestie for granted because a bestie needs to know that you are there for them too!

I know it’s old school, but friendship necklaces are the best. It is a sweet reminder, and also a throwback to grade school when we put more emphasis on our best friends. This is as it should be! And not only today as we celebrate, but all year.

Quote of the Day “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” ―C.S. Lewis

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