Gina Vaynshteyn
March 05, 2015 5:45 am

Today in AWWW, we’ve discovered the cutest, most heartwarming pair of BFFs: 4-year-old Emmett and his grandpa, Erling. Erling, who’s a World War II vet, just celebrated his 90th birthday and couldn’t think of a better birthday bash pal than his grandson, with whom he has a very, very close relationship.

These buddies used to be next-door neighbors, but alas —Emmett and his parents moved to the country side, and Erling settled into a retirement home. But the two are as tight as ever. According to USA Today, Emmett’s parents make sure that they make regular trips to Erling’s apartment, and instead of playing on the lawn together, they “take rides in the elevator and compete in foot races across the basement parking garage.” Oh heart, BE STILL.

While Erling and Emmett try to hang out as often as possible, Erling still misses his grandson terribly. Which is why it’s extra special that Emmett made sure he was there for his grandpa when he turned 90.

Ready to be floored with cuteness? As a present, Emmett gave grandpa a pair of dog tags. Each had “Emmett & Erling,” and “Friends Forever” engraved in Norwegian —Erling’s mother language. If you feel like happy-crying, take a peek at some of these endlessly adorable pictures of Emmett and Erling, BFFs forever.

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